3 Alkaline Water Benifits with Enagics Kangen Water

3 Alkaline Water Benifits with Enagics Kangen Water

Today I am going to share with you the 3 main benifits of drinking alkaline water:

The first thing that I want to mention is that there are a few ways of making water Alkaline, one of wich is by the use of chemicals such as sodium bicorbonate or even minerals. Because natural minerals are expensive, most companies are using non bio available chemicals or chemical compounds. Non bio available meaning non useable by the body. Today I am talking about alkaline water created by the use of electolysis or electrical current, such as you’ll find in Enagics Kangen water machines.

  1. Antioxidant

3 Alkaline Water Benifits With Kangen Water

anti oxidant 3

An antioxidant is something that nuetralizes free radicals in our bodies, free radicals are what are responsible for the aging process. Through the electolysis process of Enagics kangen water machines, a hydrogen atom gets cleaved off of each water molecule creating hydroxyl. The remaining atom is the opposite charge of free radicals and they go to pair up with the free radical effectively nuetralizing them and therefore halting the effects of aging on the body.

2. Alkalization


Everything we eat, the pollution we breath and ingest as well as stressfull lifestyles all contribute to acidity in our bodies. It’s normal to have acid in our bodies, but too much creates sickness. You see the yellow bar, well thats where cancer likes to live, our goal is to pull us out of acidity and back to a more neutral state or alkaline state of homeostasis. Our blood always stays at 7.365- 7.4 and does not vary or we could die. However the rest of the body is where we need to concentrate. when we are to acidic our body goes to alkaline buffers like the bones and conective tissues to try to bring us more alkaline. If we continue in being more and more acidic and dehydrated we get a myriad of possible things going on, such as osteoperosis, cancers, gout, obesity and on and on.

Dr Otto Warburg won a Nobel peace prize for discovering that Cancer cannot live in an alkaline oxygenated environment.

Dr Warburg

3 Alkaline Water Benifits with Enagics Kangen Water


3. Micro structured or Micro-clustered

The last but not least is that Enagics Kangen water is micro structured.

Micro clustering The reason that this is important is that the cells called micro pornes in our bodies are hexogonal or 6 sided in shape and can only fit approximately 6-10 hydrogen molecules at any given time into them. Regular tap or bottled water has hydrogen clumped together anywhere from 10-100 molecules and thereby only offering about 17% hydration at best. Kangen water on the other hand has an electrical charge (very important) and also is 6 molecule clusters wich fits perfectly into our cells, hydrating at a whopping 87 plus% and will actually detox us by pulling acid waste and toxins out of our cells.

micro cluster 2

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3 Alkaline Water Benifits with Enagics Kangen Water

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