Announcing the dawn of a new health and wellness era!

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March 28, 2016
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March 8, 2017

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Announcing the dawn of a new health and wellness era!
The way to change has come…

Kelowna’s newest health and wellness centre is opening its doors and inviting you to come to our grande opening to help you on your journey of true health.
To find out more, come to our celebration party on Saturday Nov 19th from 10-4 at #4-451 Adams rd. Kelowna
Our mandate is to Live Well, and Feel Well by providing effective solutions to enhance all areas of lifes well being.

Gem Wellness Solutions provides renewable, invigurating, healthy water solutions for domestic, commercial and civic applications as well as
rejuevenating innovative, all natural health and beauty products of a wide variety of applications.

Our products are known throught the world for transforming the lives and wellness of countless thousands of people.


Contact Rodney Warren, president of Gem wellness solutions at:
Phone: 250.870.1255 or check our website at

Rodney Warren
Rodney Warren
Rodney Warren is a compassionate team leader for team GEM (Global Empower Movement) and a single father to two great children. Rodney Operates the GEM Wellness Solutions in Kelowna British Columbia, where he provides health and wellness to all and also a business opportunity for anyone to do the same.
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