How to Introduce the Next Speaker in a Group Presentation

How to Introduce the Next Speaker in a Group Presentation

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Standing up on the stage can be pretty awe inspiring or even frightening for most, after all most won’t have the opportunity to speak in front of a group and even if we do, a smaller amount of people yet, have public speaking courses like toastmasters or the like under the belt.

What if your not speaking, but need to introduce a guest in say a presentation or the like!? Well todays post called How to Introduce the Next Speaker in a Group Presentation will definately help.

First off there are different types of people in a group, that will be there under different pretences, as in they will be more attracted to different aspects of the speakers talk or presentation.

  1. The careing for humanity type
  2. The scientific minded type
  3.  The, I’m in it for the money type
  4. The, I just want to party and have fun type

Well here is a way to incorporate all of these beautiful minds in one fowl swoop, if you will!?

First of all you need do develope immediate repoir and bond between your guest and the audience by saying that you have a lot of respect for the man or woman speaker. and then follow in like this…

A) Hello ladies and gentlmen, thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedules to be part of ( Name of special event)

B) Then move to housekeeping details Ie, please shut off cell phones, itinerary etc, if applicable.

C) Create repoir by telling something suitably funny or ask a few qualifying questions to your audience 1-2 min max. Of course remaine very enthusiastic through out!

Now comes the introduction!

“The very special guest we have tonight (today) I have a lot of respect for, He/she really cares for people He/she has all the facts  has a lot of fun and makes great money doing what he/she will be sharing with you here tonight/today. Please help me introduce the one and only, the man/ woman, the myth, the legend mr. or mrs (name).

And that’s it, really easy to remember and covers all the points that we mentioned above!

 Well I certainly hope that you found How to Introduce the Next Speaker in a Group Presentation helpful and invite you to make this part of your strategy when you need to introduce a speaker in your next endevour. If you thought that this post was helpful, you may also enjoy

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