Seeking Vetran Mlmers Looking For New Inspiration and a Possible Reset

Currently Seeking Vetran Mlmers Looking For New Inspiration and a Possible Reset!…

You seem like a sharpe individual, you keep your options open!?… Bet you heard that before, heck you may have used the line yourself to start the conversation that could enroll the best hitter in your business!

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Yes it’s true, I am…

Seeking vetran Mlmers looking for New Inspiration and a possible reset!?
Hello my name is Rodney Warren, family guy and philanthropist of sorts,in a direct sales company.
I want to respect your time and cut to the chase, with an opportunity that I would love for you to have a quick look at.
Now please, I understand that you may get approached a lot, but heck so was I and I had no intention of getting into another deal when I saw this, believe me, but just the same, this post just may be the answer that you have been looking for and waiting for…just maybe its an answer to a prayer that you’ve had
concerning your life and future, just as I have been inspired at this time to reach out to you!?
Like you I am an MLMer and probably for some of the same reasons, that you are in the industry!? I went to
a meeting as a youngster with my parents, saw the lifestyle and was hooked! Yes the time freedom the ability to leverage your time, help out other wonderful people spend time on exotic beaches, dipping your toes into the hot sand,(adventually) the big homes and fancy cars and all the other sort of ‘cliche’ attributes.

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But unfortunatley it is a proven fact that approximately 98% of the good people that are busting there humps to achieve this, are failing. Now this can be attributed to a few different reasons, but this post isn’t really about that. I struggled my butt off, went throught at least 5 opportunities that all went to the weigh side for one reason or another, but yet I finally did it…I made a paycheck for a whopping $12.50 from one company before it packed up and left the country, followed by a few hundred at another (after spending approx $12,000.00 in courses to get that far). Frusterated yes, but also very stubborn and 10 plus years of the grind and I finally found a company that I love and in the first 3 months had made over
$6,000.00 of the easiest money that I have ever made in my entire life and haven’t looked back.(Not a guarantee of income!)…
Maybe you just Love your company and opportunity too, but have to admitt that it’s either low ticket to where you need 900 people in your downline to make a couple hundred bucks a month, but have to keep feeding the attrition with new sign ups constantly to break even. You possibly have to stack your garage with product to qualify for commisions. Maybe your spending more on marketing and materials and tools than your bringing in!?
Your husband or wife wants to believe in you, but there’s just no proof in the pudding…I get it, i’ve been in all and every situation imaginable, but yet sometimes your stubborn, your not going to lose the dream, your out to proove that if anyone, you’ll be the next to walk across the stage and collect the big cheque to redeem yourself.
First off I truly admire the candor and stick-toitness. The non quitting spirit of the true entrepenuer.
But you know sometimes all you need is a small break, a shift in either strategy, compensation plan or product to get you back on track and in the drivers seat. I dont need to explain to you how awesome life can be when the stars line up for you in this industry.
Anyways I invite you to have a look at a 42 year old company that is finacially abundant and debt free, a company with true integrity with a few high quality, high commision products in the industry with lots of actual awards to back up the hype, and all in the spirit of true humility.
If this piques your interesting then I invite you to give me a call personally, we’ll chat and if it seems to fit for you then I will send you some more information.

Well, I certainly hope that you have got some value from today’s post titled,

Seeking Vetran Mlmers Looking For New Inspiration and a Possible Reset

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P.S.Rodney Warren 250.870.1255 I’m in British Columbia Canada so you may need a (1) in front of that number for long distance… call from 7A.M. -9P.M. Monday- Saturday, I’de love to chat. Remember this is for vetran MLMers only please!
Much Love, Rodney.