Why Pay Twice As Much For a Kangen Water Machine by Enagic

Why Pay Twice As Much For a Kangen Water Machine by Enagic!?

I know for a fact that those looking to greatly improve their health and overall performance, are looking towards alkaline water ionizers to do the job, but unfortunately not everybody does the research before making these types of important purchasing decisions!?

ionizer comparison

It would sound cliche, but if I were to say that you are comparing other ionizers to Enagics kangen water machine likened to a cadillac compared to a Rolls Royce, thats what you are doing when glazing over the true quality and longevity of an Enagic unit. Yes the lower quality vehicles are good for what they are, but certainly are not even slightly to be compared to the fine luxury of the Phantom or Ghost series of Rolls Royce.


It costs money to create quality anything, but I dare say that you should do yourself a favor and not buy a knock off ionizer at any lower cost, as you will very shortly be in a position of not helping your body at all. You’ll  become more and more sick in the process, and all of this I fully intend to back up with proof, so take good note and pay attention to some videos and chart diagrams that I have preparred as a case study into the great quality of Enagic, and the sorry, so called ‘competition’ for Enagic.

But before I do I just want to interject a pet peeve of mine, if I may.

That is that representatives of enagic work hard and compassionately present a life changing product, they have knowledge and share true benifits. Then when prospective clients leave and go browse the internet, Life ionizers and all the other knock offs come along and buy the Enagic and Kangen keywords and keyword phrases and then slam our product as being overpriced outdated and ineficient. They say that our reps make too much and thats also why Enagic machines cost so much. Yes we are twice as expensive, proudly so, we have technology that works and doesn’t need to be changed and our method of distribtion both saves the end customer money and also compensates our representatives well as they should, all  for good reason. This video explains a few.

Why Pay Twice As Much For a Kangen Water Machine by Enagic!?

Here’s an actuall picture to show you the difference, between our titanium dipped in platinum, medical grade plates from Enagic and the money saving scheme of the other ionizers (Hint as to why they are cheaper in price and quality)

ionizer comparison1

enagic vs jupiter

Who ever drinks the water coming from these broken down mesh screens, rusty and full of build up, carrying no electrical charge and no longer even close to alkaline are simply and purely poisoning themselves!…

jupiter plates

Enagics Kangen water machines are the worlds best and have many prestigious awards.


When you purchase a Kangen water machine you are purchasing a Japanese medical device with an actual iso # Another prestigious American award from the Water Quality Association.


Here is a video explaining the actual cost mark up of this quality Kangen machine!

A Special Shout out and thank you to Kurtis from the Kangen Snippett for the video illustrations, I appreciate you brotha’

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Why Pay Twice As Much For a Kangen Water Machine by Enagic

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